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Chris Pratt is a raptor whisperer in new 'Jurassic World' trailer


Bringing back the action and the horror of dinosaurs running amok, "Jurassic World" gave fans another glimpse of scenes from the upcoming movie in a new TV spot that aired during the Super Bowl.In ...

Samsung may shrink Galaxy S6 screen size to 5 inches


Samsung could be aiming to go a bit smaller with the screen size of the next edition of its flagship phone.Two Samsung mobile phones found on India import/export site Zauba with the model numbers S...

Raphael Sanzio, Incomparable Master of the Madonna


Raphael and the Theme of the MadonnaGiorgio Vasari begins his biography about Raphael Sanzio with these words: “How much the heaven was generous and benign in accumulating in a single person the ...

9 Shows Like Gossip Girl


I am introducing you 9 shows similar to Gossip Girl.PrivilegedPrivileged's story revolves around a 23-year-old girl Megan Smith. She works at a tabloid rag but she dreams of dominating the world of...

Top 10 Best Deep House Songs


What is deep house?House music is a diverse and much-loved genre that has brought people together since the early 1980s when it originated from disco in Chicago; deep house started then as well, co...

5 Best Apps to Hide Pictures on iPhone


Any picture you take or import from your PC or Mac immediately gets stored to your phone library. And anyone can see them there--which can become really embarrassing. Fortunately, there are some co...